Follow up meeting
05. September 2020.
Online meeting via Zoom

Follow up meeting where the aim was to discuss all main project management topics associated with the closing of the project, to overview and supervise the dissemination of the project and to analyse the short term outcomes of the project based on the Project Teams feedback collected in their own countries. Next to these an important topic was to asses to the future collaboration options and subsequent continuation of the project work.
Project conclusions

  • Safety, awareness, and appropriate knowledge and experience for winter mountaineering and in specialized mountaineering topics (like self rescue) is often missing in the region. Not just for the hobby athletes, but also in a lot of the cases even for the professionals as well. This usually comes from the fact that often even the instructors have no idea what type of knowledge they themselves are missing, thus they are not actively seeking further self education and experience gaining opportunities in these topics. Another problem is the consistent lack of systematic, module based and highly specialized training and education opportunities in the region, once again hindering self education for the community. ‘What one doesn’t know exists, they won’t miss’.
  • The project was a more than appropriate type of answer for these problems. By bringing high level international education into the region, and allowing a number of motivated people, -who are already working in knowledge sharing, – the project highly promoted awareness to the lack of knowledge, future self education and even showed good options to do so. This is definitely the way to go further in the future with the following steps: bring high level education opportunities into the region support a certain number of community members to take part in these, choosing people who will certainly pass on the knowledge and the experience and motivate others to seek such opportunities build an educational system in the region based on such modular, highly systematic knowledge with the help of these people
  • The format of the Training Meetings was working really well. Lectures and trainings led by certified professionals, while more freestyle workshops for knowledge and experience sharing among the participants proved to be a really great mix of both worlds.
  • The Project Partners have strongly agreed to continue working together towards these goals in the future.