The Hungarian Ski Mountaineering Association was founded in 2014, based on the already long existing ski touring community with the main aim of increasing the participation and safety in ski touring, ski mountaineering and ski alpinism and all its associated sports, including trail running and climbing. HSMA also has the goals to join the Hungarian speaking ski mountaineering community in central Europe, increase participation in ski mountaineering and trail running competitions, produce training materials, encourage sport as part of a healthy lifestyle and promote environmental conservation. The club also takes it on itself to instruct non mountaineers in mountain safety (e.g. freeriders on avalanche awareness, trail runners on mountain hazards). In the long term HSMA has the goals to work out a complete and comprehensive training program for non-mountaineers in ski touring in Hungary, and to build and operate an international network of associations with common interests.

HSMA is a member of the Hungarian Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation (Magyar Hegy- és Sportmászó Szövetség), a member of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA). Every member of the HSMA is also a member of the Austrian Alpine Club (Österreichische Alpenverein) in order to have a comprehensive and worldwide health and rescue insurance.

The activities of HSMA include a lecture series (“LavinaLab”: with topics ranging from avalanche safety to trip reports, these occasions also serve as social events for all members and non members), avalanche awareness workshops in collaboration with the Slovakian Volunteer Mountain Rescue Association (open to both members and non members), mountain first aid courses and a number of trips, trainings and social events during the year. These include international trips (e.g. ski mountaineering trip to Georgia in 2016), competition participation (e.g. Hochkar Challenge), rescue methods training, helping out with trail and ski slope maintenance, other sports programs (regular trail runs in the weekends, climbing trips, MTB trips) and partaking in other sports events (e.g. Dalmatia Ultra Trail, Fogaras 2x2 trail running).

The HSMA is the coordinator of the Erasmus+ Project: Up and down! Four season activity in the mountains: skimo and trail running (2018-2019), with the Icelandic Alpine Club and the Mountaineering Section of the Mountaineering and climbing club Ljubljana-Matica from Slovenia as partners.

Magyar Síalpin és Túrasí Sportegyesület

Cím: 1053 Budapest Kecskeméti u. 2.

Dr. Ágoston Viktor Antal