14. APRIL 2019.

The main organisers of the event are the Tengerszem Outdoor Shop and the Hungarian Ski Mountaineering Association

In 2019 the new race venue for the 35th Hungarian Skialpin Rally will be the Hochkar mountain in Austria. The first Sialpin Rally was first held in the Low Tatras in Slovakia by the Budapest Alpine Club, then in later years twice yearly in both Austria and Slovakia. This long standing tradition serves as a gathering and friendly competition for amateurs and professionals as well.

Our club, the Hungarian Ski Mountaineering Association, takes over the organization from this year. Our main goal is to provide a safe, well-structured event in a place where snow conditions are predictable and the microclimate is unique. Therefore we chose the three mountains of the Hochkar Skiresort for the race venue this year. Hochkar is not only known for its legendary snow reliability but it has also long been a true hothouse of Austria’s World Cup skiers too. These reliable snow conditions are naturally supported by a state-of-the-art snow-making system during the season, so one week after the official ending of the ski lift operations the slopes still have perfect conditions for a ski mountaineering race.

One day before the Skiaplin Rally the famous Hochkar Challenge Mountain Triatlon (trail running, mtb, and ski mountaineering) competition takes place at the resort. If one wants to enjoy a really eventfull and sporty weekend we recommend to participate in both events, in team or as individual at the Hochkar Challenge on Saturday and the next day in the longer distances of the Skialpin Rally! Each race is designed for all levels with the idea to bring out the best in each participant.

We look forward to seeing you on the snow!

The organising team of the Rally


Hochkar – Austria
(47.718649, 14.918810)


14. 04. 2019. 10:30


Course M

9 km
850 m ascent
Time limit: 4,5 hours

Course L

18 km
1700 m ascent
Time limit: 4,5 hours

Touch the three peaks!

During the race, the participants of the course M have to reach the three main peaks of the ski area in a designated order, while the participants of the course L have the same task, but not one, but two times. These peaks are the Vorgipfel, the Hasing and the Leckerplan peaks.

The start-finish area will be in the middle of the slope system, at the bottom of the 4 person chairlift Hochkarbahn, in front of the ticket office. 

The course has 3 main parts:

1. part: Go up on the slopes 5/5a, then change to slope 3 until you reach the peak Vorgipfel, after the checkpoint ski down the slopes 6 and 1 to the start-finish area.

2. part: Once you finished putting back your skins, leave the transition area going upwards on slope 5/5a, then turn left on the crossroad 3 till you reach the slope 5 again, here keeping left until you reach the peak Hasing. Here its optional if you want to take off your skins, then slide down on the crossroad 5/b until you reach the slope nr. 1, which takes you up again to Vorgipfel. From here you take the same route down as before.

3. part: Once again take the same route as you did in round nr. 2, until you reach the slope 4, this will take you up to the third peak Leckerplan. Here just ski down on the slopes 4 and 5 to the start-finish area.

If you are participating in the course M, then just cross the finishline. If you are on course L, then you have to do the above 3 parts once again in the same order and on the same route.

The course will be marked with red and green flags, and cordons.

Attention: although we will be in the middle of a ski area, however the competition will be running on closed down and ungroomed slopes, because of this it is necessary to have the ability to ski off-piste.


Entry fee

Online: 16 EUR
On the spot: 26 EUR

You can enter the race online, by clicking on the blue button below, or you will also have the chance to enter the race in the morning of the comeptition on the spot. The deadline for online entry is the 10th of April, 2019, after that we only accept entries on the spot.

Your online entry will only be valid if the entry fee arrives to the bank account below by the 10th day after the entry was sent, but latest until the 12th of April. 

HU27 12010721 01554440 00200001
(EUR account)

Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. 

Magyar Síalpin és Túrasí Sportegyesület
Comment: name of competitor

The entry fee includes:

  • bib number

  • timing

  • prices for the best

  • aid station with basic refreshments in the start-finish area (attention, we don’t use plastic cups, bring your own cup!)

  • baggage depot during the race

  • refreshment in the finish

  • finisher medal

  • medical assistance during the race (first aid personel)


  • Finisher medal to all who finish the course within time limit

  • For each course the first 3 female/male finishers will receive special prizes


Anyone can participate in the race, if he/she: 

  • accepts the regulations and the ethics of the race,
  • knows the peculiarities and difficulties of the skitouring sport and the race, the length and the amount of ascent/descent of the chosen course, and has the appropriate prepardness,
  • has the appropriate knowledge in skitouring and mountaineering, the appropriate clothing and gear for the actual weather and this type of terrain, 
  • is able to individually cope with the physical, mental, and gear problems that may arise during the race, and accepts that to solve these problems is not the task of the organisers. 
  • accepts the fact that he/she takes part in the race on his/her own responsibility. 


Skitouring ski or splitboard with skins, ski sticks


It is obligatory to wear it during the race


Worn on the body, turned on

Rescue blanket


Standard avalanche shovel

Insurance for this type of activity

Valid for the duration of the race, also covering mountain rescue costs if needed


Min. 200 cm long


In working order

If you don’t have access to any of the mandatory equipment, please get in touch with us on the e-mail address below, we may be able to help. 


  • Crampons for ski touring
  • Suncreme and sunglasses
  • Own refreshments for during the race if needed
  • First-aid kit
  • Own cup (Attention! There will be no cups on the aid station!)
  • Thermoflask or flask
  • Warm clothing
  • Skigoogles


  • Timing will be carried out with Sportident chips, these will be handed out to all participants, and have to be validated at each checkpoint during the race.
  • It’s the responsibility of the competitor to preserve and to give back the chip at the finishline.
  • It’s not possible to enter the race with your own Sportident chip.


  1. Each participants takes part in the race on his or her own responsibility, accepting the race regulations, the participation conditions and the ethics of the race.
  2. Helmet: it is obligatory to wear the helmet all times during the race.
  3. Transition zones: Competitors have to carry out the entire operation required for technique changes, within the transition area. It is prohibet to have the skins on the ski for any of the downhill sections, the only exception being the crossover route 5/b, where this is optional. For the downhills the skins have to be either in the backpack or under the clothing, and are not allowed to be worn on the body outside the clothing. For the downhills the bindings and the skiboots have to fixed and buckled. The ones arriving in the transition area later are not allowed to set back anyone who has arrived there before them, the participant arriving earlier has the right of way. 
  4. Mandatory equipment: may be checked by the organisers anywhere during the race, including before entering the starting zone and right after crossing the finish line. The mandatory equipment is the following: skitouring skis or splitboard with skins, ski sticks, helmet, transceiver worn on the body and turned on the whole time, probe (min. 2 meters long), avalanche shovel, rescue blanket, cellphone in working order and insurance covering this type of activity including mountain rescue costs. 
  5. Photos and videos: the participant accepts that there is the chance that photos or videos will be taken of him/her during the race by the organisers. These photos/videos are the property of the organisers, and may be handed over to third parties. 
  6. Race changes: The organisers have the right to -in case necessary- change the race course, the location of the aid stations, and in the case of severe weather conditions to change the time and place of the start or cancel the race. If the race has to be cancelled due to the weather the registration fee won’t be handed back to the participants.
  7. Limit times: During the race there will be time limits set up for several parts of the course, any competitor arriving later then these timelimits to the given point is not allowed to continue the race and has to immediately return back to the start-finish zone.
  8. Cancellation policy: registration cancellation is only possible via the email address below until 12:00 on the 1. April, 2019 together with sending the participant’s bank account number. In this case the full registration fee is refundable, but the organisers will retain 1000 HUF or 3 EUR as a cost of administration. Cancellations in any other form (phone, fax, orally etc.) are not accepted. After 12:00 1. April, 2019 the registration cannot be cancelled, but can be still transfered to another person once again by writing to the email address below. 
  9. It’s prohibited to leave the marked race course, leaving or shortening the course will be penalized by immediate disqualification.  The race control points have to be followed in the given order as described above and shown on the map, not following of this rule will also be penalized by immediate disqualification. The organisers provide the race course in written, GPSies and Fatmap formats on the race webpage and the course will also be described in the pre-race briefing. The course will be marked with green and red flags. The sections marked with green flags must be carried out on skis with skins attached. The parts marked with red flags must be carried out on skis without skins. At points where the course direction may not clear organisers will be showing the way. 


Main organisers: Lakatos Áron, Ágoston Viktor, Szuchovszky Endre, Jurácz Zoltán 

Official organiser: Hungarian Ski Mountaineering Association, 1053 Budapest, Kecskeméti u. 2., Hungary

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesistate to contact us: rally [kukax] sialpin [punkt] hu